7 Things Your Hairdresser Wants You To Know


  1. Throw away all your over the counter haircare products – Cheap products tend to contain cheap ingredients like alcohol and astringent sulfates. These are harmful for your hair!
  2.  Use salon professional shampoo & conditioner – They can help add strength back to compromised hair. But use caution… too much of a good thing (protein based conditioners) can cause build up and breakage. BALANCE IS KEY. Alternate shampoos and conditioners as what your hair needs change with the seasons.
  3. Deep Condition – Use a hydrating deep condition to avoid hair that feels like straw 😉
  4. Ditch the coconut oil – Food grade coconut oil is WAY too heavy for fragile hair because of the molecule size. Prolonged use will snap damaged hair clean off! Invest in refined protein fortified oils, leave in conditioners and elixirs.
  5.  Book a professional condition treatment – A salon has repairing treatments that go down to the core of your hair, repairing it from within.
  6. Never sleep with wet hair – Hair is most fragile when wet. Sleeping with wet hair risks needless damage. Whenever possible let your hair air dry.
  7. Get routine haircuts – When all else fails get a haircut. Cut off the dead stuff and start over. Hair grows roughly 6 inches a year, speed it up by taking vitamins!