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Massage & Body Treatments


Signature Massage | 60 minutes for $85

A massage that capitalizes on the individual techniques of each licensed massage therapist. To find out more details please call the front desk.

Swedish Massage | 90 min for $105 | 60 min for $75 | 30 min for $50

A classic style massage providing full body relaxation. Swedish massage techniques are known for light pressure, amid slow, gliding movements. This type of massage is good for increasing circulations, improving your range of motion, and reducing stress and tension.

Deep Tissue Massage | 90 min for $125 | 60 min for $85 | 30 min for $60

This type of massage will relieve tension found in the deeper muscle layers. By using slow, deep pressure along with friction and other techniques, those spots that often feel “stuck” or create pain are able to relax. Deep tissue massage is especially beneficial for treating past and present injuries.

Couples Massage | $160

Two person, full body massage! Our rooms open up to allow you to spend quality time with that special person. Come 30 minutes early to your appointment to receive a complimentary foot soak and glass of wine!

Pregnancy Massage | 90 min for $125 | 60 min for $85 | 30 min for $60

Prenatal treatment to help reduce stress and relieve muscle tension. An incredible service for those past their first trimester.

Aromatic Body Stone Massage | 1/2 body for $80 | Full body for $130

This treatment integrates the use of smooth, heated basalt stones, essential oils, and Swedish massage. The basalt stones are heated to a comfortable temperature and held in the therapist’s hands to massage the body throughout the entire session. The heat from the stones along with essential oils helps to relax and soothe tight muscles creating the ultimate relaxation massage experience. Enjoy a 45 minute half body stone massage or the 80 minute full body massage for perfect relaxation.

Body Treatments


Decleor Body Treatments | $130

Decleor devotes its own special art of massage to your body. From the tips of your toes to the tension points of your scalp, your therapists trained fingers ease, soothe and relax every part of your body. A skilled professional uses techniques exclusive to Decleor, combining massage with acupressure. Tensions are soothed away, toxins are eliminated, and your body is filled with new energy.

Moroccan Oil Ritual | $135

This invigorating full body treatment includes a hot stone massage followed by a refreshing exfoliation by one of our massage therapist. We use Morroccan Oil’s hydrating oil to provide the best exfoliation experience!

Relax with this invigorating full body treatment that includes a hot stone massage followed by an exfoliation with for your skin to perfection with.

Aloe Body Wrap | $85

A Set-N-Me-Free Body Wrap is the healthiest way to lose inches quickly. Body Wrapping is a pleasant experience that begins with cotton linens soaked in a warm, toxin cleansing and penetrating aloe-herb solution. The end result? A gratifying and noticeable size loss.

Airbrush Tanning | $45

No need to use the tanning beds. Our skincare specialists spray on an even and natural looking tan that lasts 7-10 days. Great for weddings, vacations, special occasions or just for a healthy glow.